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Rigatransfer.com offers excellent rates for a transfers in Riga!

Rigatransfer.com offers a transfer to/from the Riga (RIX) airport, Riga central station, Riga Passenger Terminal or Riga Coach Station, to the hotel, office meeting, home or any other place of interest.

Rigatransfer.com trips with a very affordable price. Our cars are in excellent technical condition and get regular maintenance. Taxi never break down on the way to airport!

Usually the nearest of the transports rigatransfer.com arrives for transfers in Riga, but for an additional fee you can choose different categories of transfers in Riga.

Rigatransfer.com types of transfers

Rigatransfer.com for an additional fee offers you to choose different categories of transfer taxi services in Riga. :

Private transfer
Business taxi
Economy taxi
Premium class transfer

Rigatransfer.com offers transfer services in Riga

Our company specializes in transporting passengers to and from the international airport. We offer comfortable transportation which will bring you to your hotel or any other destination on time. We provide transport for large groups of people / excess baggage transportation according to customer´s request.

What is a transfer from Rigatransfer.com?

"Transfer" means pre-ordered point to point transportation at a fixed price.

Usually rigatransfer.com transfers in Riga are transportation from Riga International Airport (RIX), Riga Central Station, Riga Passenger Port, Riga International Bus Station to the hotel (hotel) and back.

Tariffs for transfers are fixed, you can find out on our website or contact the dispatchers of the company rigatransfer.com. Transfer services airport Riga, central station Riga, port or bus station - it's convenience combined with efficiency for meeting your guests.

The transfer price of Rigatransfer.com includes

The transfer price of Rigatransfer.com includes:

  • Meeting at the airport,sea port ,at the railway / coach station, or other address specified by the client;
  • Waiting for the client at the terminal holding a sign with your name / company details;
  • Waiting for the client at the airport within 30 minutes from the moment of landing;
  • Waiting for the client at the station within 30 minutes of the arrival of the train.

Possible additional costs, according to the terms and conditions of Rigatransfer.com in Riga:

  • Payment for parking (over free 30 minutes) at the airport;
  • Waiting for the customer for more than 30 minutes;
  • o Waiting for the customer to exceed 15 minutes at the address;
The advantages of the transfer from Rigatransfer.com in Riga

The advantages of the transfer from Rigatransfer.com in Riga

We offer comprehensive solutions of transportation services with the savings of regular airport taxi costs.

If you need to meet customers, business partners or relatives at the airport or train station, then the transfer order will be very helpful.

Transfer from Rigatransfer.com is a service that allows you to easily deliver passengers to your destination. You are planning a meeting or seeing off business partners, then you should certainly place an order for a transfer! A comfortable taxi will quickly deliver your guests

Rigatransfer.com Taxi will be submitted to the airport, railway station, port, bus station at the exact time specified, and your guests will arrive at the airport without delay. You have the opportunity to order a taxi of different capacity with different types of transport. We are able to provide you with a taxi to choose from - a standard taxi, business class, minivan or bus for transportation groups.

Rigatransfer.com polite, non-smoking drivers, have a great driving experience and excellent knowledge of Riga city. You can order a taxi to any point in Riga and the taxi will be sent according to the specified address.

At our disposal there are various brands of taxi, with different levels of equipment. In case you need a taxi with additional services. For example: a luxury taxi, a meeting at the train car or deliver flowers to the arrival, write to us we will send a taxi that meets your requirements.

In addition, we offer transfers in Latvia, Europe and the Batics region in particular:

  • Riga – Jurmala 25 EUR
  • Riga – Sigulda 65 EUR
  • Riga – Yelgava 50 EUR
  • Riga – Daugavpils and others

Around Europe, for example:

  • Riga – Tallinn 160 EUR
  • Riga – Vilnius 150 EUR
  • Riga – Brusel 500 EUR
RIGA TRANSFER.COM kindly welcomes you to Riga!

RIGA TRANSFER.COM kindly welcomes you to Riga!:

Our old city is famous for its narrow streets of old Riga, for unique architecture of different eras and styles, and for its cosy restaurants and modern night clubs. How to manage to go sightseeing and visit all places as well as to get to a business meeting, to the airport or a hotel comfortably and in time? If you want to make your arrival in Riga unforgettable and enjoyable we are going your way. The conception of RIGA TRANSFER.COM is an enjoyable trip.

We are the only company of transport companies in Latvia that use international standards at work. Yellow color of our cars and responsible besides sincere attitude towards a client is our visit card. It is very important for RIGA TRANSFER.COM to provide a feeling of comfort and confidence to a client whether it is an order of a taxi, a boarding or a trip. Just look at our logo “smile”, it expresses everything. The positive mood of our operators and taxi drivers who work with a smile will provide all circumstances to you to love our city, to know the benevolence of Riga’s citizens and to feel respect towards history of the capital of Latvia.

The car park Rigatransfer.COM, consisting from new, modern & comfortable cars, will help you to get to a destination in a more comfortable and faster way. All cars are equipped by air-conditioning and security systems.

In addition we offer you three more reasons which once more will confirm you that we are going your way:

  • Taxi alarm-clock You can order RIGA TRANSFER.COM to a certain time and ask an operator to wake you up an hour or half an hour etc. before the arrival of a car. With us you will never be late or oversleep!
  • A hospitable taxi You can order through the operator a taxi to meet your friend. For that is necessary to inform the operator about the time of a guest’s arrival to Riga, about the kind of transport (plane, bus or train etc.) and his name. The rest put in our hands! Your guest will be met by our driver with a board with his name written on it.
  • A taxi which takes care Riga is a hospitable city and citizens of Riga are benevolent people, so the situations when you will have to get home after a cheerful dinner can easily happen and RIGA TRANSFER.COM will take care of you and your car.

We wish you a pleasant acquaintance with Riga and more good emotions!
Your Rigatransfer.COM